Firmer Foundations Coaching and Support

Good Shepherd

For women 18 years and older, all women are welcome. 

Good Shepherd have experienced professionals who use a coaching model to work in an individual, personalised way. 

Coaching sessions can be held in a range of venues to suit your commitments. 

Interpreting support is available. 

You are welcome to contact Good Shepherd directly or ask for a referral through a support worker.

Good Shepherd contact information 

Address: 1 & 6, 184 Salmon Street, Hastings Vic 3915
Phone: 03 5971 9444 


Address: 354 Main Road West, St Albans Vic 3021 
Phone: 03 8312 8800

Coaching and support for greater financial knowledge and independence. 

Talk to your support worker for more information regarding these programs.

Good Shepherd

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