In order to ensure Mentis Assist provides best practice to clients and carers, our Quality Management System is maintained in accordance with the requirements and compliance of:

  • The National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010
  • Department of Health Framework for Recovery Oriented Practice 2011
  • The Community Care Common Standards 2010
  • AS NZS ISO 31000-209 Risk Management

Clients, carers and staff at Mentis Assist are encouraged to provide input into our Quality Management System through meetings, program reviews, surveys, client, peer and carer meetings as well as individual feedback and suggestion forms which are available on our website.

The Board of Governance gives full support to the Quality Management System to ensure compliance with associated procedures and is committed to continually:

  • Improving the quality and efficiency of services
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity
  • Measuring, evaluating and improving performance
  • Maximising safe work practices in the work environment
  • Developing and supporting all employees to achieve their full potential through effective leadership, education and training
  • Developing and maintaining a culture based on teamwork, respect, trust and co-operation
  • Encouraging pride in work practices and commitment to continuous improvement

In addition, the Victorian Child Safety Standards are compulsory for all organisations providing services to children, and as such Mentis Assist is committed to promoting the Safety and Wellbeing of Children and Young People within its programs and practices. 

Strategic Plan

The Board of Governance undertook a Strategic Planning workshop in December 2018 to develop a Plan for the next three years, reflecting the changes to mental health and growth of the organisation.  While this Plan will draw together organisational goals and articulate the objectives of each of those goals, it must be noted that the Strategic Plan is a ‘living document’ and will evolve and be adapted as circumstances change.

Quality Accreditation

Mentis Assist is accredited with the National Standards for Mental Health Services (NSMHS) under Quality Innovation Performance (QIP).

Risk Management

Mentis Assist is committed to a coordinated approach to the identification, analysis and management of factors impacting on risk.

This approach provides an overarching framework for Risk Management at Mentis Assist across the domains of:

  • Quality and Clinical Governance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Risk
  • Infrastructure and Systems
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Political/ Reputational Risk

Mentis Assist’s Board is responsible for ensuring the development of a complete risk framework. The Chief Executive Officer and managers are responsible for implementing the risk framework through the development and implementation of:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Maintaining the Risk Register
  • Monitoring management plans and actions
  • Providing resources to manage the various areas of risk as outlined in subsidiary policies
  • Establish context and culture (for identifying and managing risk, i.e. Mentis Assist risk environment)
  • Identify risks (strategic and operational)
  • Analyse the identified risks
  • Evaluate the risks
  • Manage the risks
  • Monitor and review the risks and the risk environment regularly
  • Continuously communicate and consult with stakeholders.

Staff members play a critical role in that they are responsible for identifying, reporting and managing risks at the coalface.

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