Understanding EIPSR: All you need to know about Early Intervention Psychosocial Support Response Service

Mentis Assist is proud to offer Early Intervention Psychological Support Response (EIPSR) to individuals experiencing mental illness throughout Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. 

EIPSR is a new support model for individuals receiving Adult Mental Health Services who do not qualify for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or have experienced a delay or difficulty in accessing the NDIS.

The new initiative means individuals requiring mental health support can be supported over a short- or medium-term basis, with a focus on their ability to improve psychosocial functioning (such as developing connections within the community, practical daily living skills, management of mental health and transitioning to the NDIS).  

Peninsula Health will be working closely with Mentis Assist to oversee the delivery of this program.

To be eligible for EIPSR, individuals must currently be receiving a service from Peninsula Mental Health Services, be aged 16-64 and live in the Peninsula Health catchment area.

Individuals must also

  • Be referred by a clinician or mental health support worker at Peninsula Health
  • Not be eligible or not qualify for the NDIS due to age, having a permanent disability, not having Australian Citizenship or refusing to engage with the NDIS
  • Be likely to be eligible for the NDIS but need support while their application is being processed, or
  • Have a psychosocial disability or psychosocial support needs 
  • Be unable to access psychosocial supports due to mental health conditions 
  • Be homeless, or at risk of, homelessness 
  • Be at risk of deteriorating when discharged from a bed-based clinical mental health service or clinical case management 

Once approved as eligible, individuals seeking assistance through EIPSR can expect a variety of support including

  • Individual mental health support 
  • Group based mental health education 
  • Outreach support – support provided within the community or at home 
  • In-reach support – bed-based support in a clinical mental health service 
  • Care coordination 
  • Peer support 
  • Engagement with carers/family 
  • Assistance to access other services 
  • Support in understanding the NDIS if this is something they would like to pursue 
  • Assistance with discharge planning 

EIPSR aims to provide individuals with the skills and tools to assist in their ongoing recovery, including

  • Independent living 
  • Assistance to test eligibility and apply for becoming a NDIS participant
  • Reduced likelihood of severe mental illness developing into a lifelong disability 
  • Reduced need for more acute mental health services 
  • Being able to self–manage mental illness 
  • Decreased self-harming behaviour 
  • Increased confidence in activities and daily living 
  • Improved relationships 
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle 

To find out more about EIPSR, call us on 1300 MENTIS (1300 636 847).