New FREE Mental Health Services now available with Mentis Assist

The Minister for Health and Federal Member for Flinders The Hon. Greg Hunt MP, recently announced a new range of free mental health services available to those who meet the eligibility criteria.

Mentis Assist was successful in receiving funding from the South East Melbourne Primary Health Network (SEMPHN) through an open tender process.  This funding allows Mentis Assist to deliver free mental health services for those in need across the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Casey and Cardinia areas.

The new services are:

API (Accessible Psychological Interventions)
Mental health services for people with mild to moderate mental health needs
MHICC (Mental Health Integrated Complex Care)
Mental health services for people with severe and complex mental health needs.

API services offer short term psychological intervention support provided by psychologists, mental health social workers, occupational therapists or mental health nurses.   Mentis Assist provides API services to eligible people living in the Mornington Peninsula area.

To be eligible to access API services, a participant must be assessed and diagnosed as having a mild to moderate mental illness, such as mild depression and anxiety and feel they will benefit from the services of API.

Children under the age of 12 and those at risk of suicide do not need an assessment and diagnosis to be eligible to access API services.

MHICC services provide flexible support for people with severe mental illness and complex care needs who require care coordination over an extended period of time.  Mentis Assist provides MHICC services across the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Casey and Cardinia areas.

To be eligible for these services, participants must have a current health care card or can’t afford to access similar services.

Access to MHICC services has further eligibility criteria including not being eligible for NDIS or the Partners in Recovery program.  A participant must also be assessed and diagnosed with a severe mental illness that significantly impacts upon their social, personal and work life, in addition to having complex needs and at risk of hospitalisation if appropriate treatment is not provided.

Referrals to API and MHICC services can be made by anyone; including GPs and other primary health providers, schools, social services, other organisations and you can also refer yourself.

If referred by a GP, the GP should fax an appropriate referral form with relevant information and a Mental Health Treatment Plan to 9793 9052 or call 1800 862 363 for priority assistance (business hours only). Referral forms and clinical software templates can be found on the SEMPHN website  SEMPHN mental health intake resources

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