Participants Advisory Group (PAG)

After receiving a small grant in 2009, Mentis Assist established the Participants Advisory Group or PAG for short, which aims to provide a voice for all participants.

PAG consists of up to 10 members who have had experience working on their recovery and is tasked with making recommendations and advising on matters that will help improve the services delivered by Mentis.

PAG meetings are held on a monthly basis in a formal, yet friendly and respectful task focussed environment which is both enjoyable and rewarding; the goal being to generate meaningful outcomes for other participants.

The role of the PAG is highly valued by staff and management as a source for receiving feedback from participants.

Not only is PAG of great benefit to Mentis, it can instil hope and confidence in those involved with the group.

For more information see our PAG Brochure here.

How PAG Works

  • Listen to your comments, compliments, complaints and communicate these where appropriate

  • Provide recommendations to the Board on the development of mental health policies, provisions of mental health care and represents consumer and carer interests
  • Assists with the review of quality policies and actively take part in ongoing auditing processes
  • Seek to find answers to questions and respond to all queries

  • Support clients to have a voice

  • Brainstorm new ideas and projects

Comments can be provided via a Suggestion Form or by speaking to a PAG member.

PAG Recovery Statement

Recovery Is ...

Realisation: acceptance, understanding and insight
Engaging: family, friends, professional support and the community
Change: to be open to opportunities and ideas
On-going: experience and learning
Varied: recovery is different for everyone
Empowering: moving forward and having a purpose
Real: hope for the future
Your: own unique journey

About PAG

Where does PAG Meet?

Mentis Assist - Peer Hub
19 Yuilles Road, Mornington

When does PAG Meet?

1 – 1.5 hours monthly

How can I become involved with PAG?

You can nominate to become a PAG member or, submit suggestions to PAG

How do I become a PAG Member?

You may nominate yourself, or a client may nominate you on your behalf.

Nomination Forms can be obtained by calling
Mentis Assist
1300 MENTIS (1300 636 847).

What do PAG Members do?

PAG Member have an interest in policies and procedures to ensure our rights are being upheld and we have access to a quality service. We do this by being a part of Mentis Assist’s decision making and service improvement processes.

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Participants Advisory Group (PAG)

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