Mental Health Training for your Business

Helping you create a supportive workplace

Did you know that 1 in 5 Australians at any given time experience the symptoms of a mental health issue*?

Mental health issues can affect people in every workplace.  Often the symptoms are first recognised at work, where daily pressures and stresses can have an amplifying effect.  We often find it easier to understand physical health issues, and struggle to understand mental health issues.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of mental health issues can help employers assist employees to return to their usual performance and productivity, and can also help in providing support to customers/clients who may be showing signs of mental health issues.

Mentis Assist's Mental Health Awareness training programs can help employers to recognise symptoms, respond to incidents, and create a supportive work environment that enables employees to return to their usual performance avoiding greater problems.

* within a 12 month period - Australian Bureau of Statistics (2008)

Tailor made training

Corporate Training Programs

Every industry and workplace is unique

Our corporate training programs are customised to meet your organisation's needs.  We will work with you to identify the issues you want to address and provide appropriate training. For instance, you may want to create a supportive work environment for employees who are experiencing symptoms of mental ill health or know how to de-escalate situations with customers who have mental health issues.

Training at your Workplace

How do you know when there is a problem, and what do you do or say to help?  Learn how to identify mental health concerns in your workplace, and provide the assistance needed.  We will work with you to create a training program relevant to your workplace.

Mental Health First-Aid

This is a two day accredited program covering how to respond to incidents where employees or customers are showing signs of mental health distress or alcohol abuse or other drug abuse.

Conflict Management

It can be hard to keep a clear head when emotions are running high.  The Maybo Conflict Management training (tm) model helps staff to assess situations as they unfold, maintain self-control, and respond appropriately.  

This session includes recognising and reducing risk, understanding behaviour, and how to diffuse, calm and resolve a difficult situation.  Other topics include ensuring personal safety, safety for lone workers, and tips for managing difficult telephone conversations.  our trainers are licenced by Maybo - leaders in conflict management training, to provide this session.

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Mental Health Training for your Business

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