NDIS Worker Screening Check

If you are planning to work as a disability worker under the NDIS, effective from 1st February 2021, it is a requirement of the NDIS that you have a National Disability Insurance Scheme Worker Screening Check (NDIS check).

The NDIS Check is a way to ensure that people who work in a risk assessed role with a registered NDIS provider do not present a risk to NDIS participants.

You can apply for your NDIS Check online at Service Victoria now.

Victoria's Transitional Arrangements

Victoria’s transitional arrangements apply to staff employed before 1 February 2021. The transitional arrangements which apply to you will depend on which safety screening checks you have:

Staff employed on or after 1 February 2021 are required to get an NDIS Clearance before they can start work in a risk assessed role for a registered NDIS provider. 

Working with Children Check

The NDIS Check does not replace Victoria’s Working with Children (WWC) Check and some roles may require you to have both a WWC Clearance and an NDIS Clearance.

If you are required to have both an NDIS Clearance and a WWC Clearance, you can request your WWC Check fee be waived. You will need to have an NDIS Clearance to be eligible for WWC Check fee waiver.

If you already paid for a WWC Check since 1 February 2021, and hold a NDIS Clearance, you can request a refund.

Contact the Worker Screening Unit on 1300 652 879 or on the WWC Check Victoria website to request a fee waiver or fee refund form.

Information for Employers

NDIS providers are responsible for ensuring all their workers have the appropriate check for their role and for identifying which roles are risk assessed roles.

The NDIS Worker Screening Database allows providers and self-managed participants to verify and check the clearance status of their workers.

Providers and self-managed NDIS participants need to apply to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission for access to the National Worker Screening Database (NWSD).

The Commission gives providers and participants their unique ID number once they have been granted access to the NWSD. Workers will need this ID number for their NDIS Check applications to ensure they select the correct employer/s. If a correct employer is not entered, the employer will not be able to verify the application.

For more information and to request NWSD access, contact the Commission’s Worker Screening Helpdesk on 1800 035 544 or email nwsd@ndiscommission.gov.au.

NDIS Check Website Updates

For the most up to date information, please visit the Victorian NDIS Check website. This includes further information on transitional arrangements, volunteer applicants, special circumstances applications and how to apply if you are unable to meet the Service Victoria identification requirements

If you have questions, please contact the Victorian Worker Screening Unit at NDISworkerscreening@justice.vic.gov.au