Fun Buddies


A group for mums and toddlers 18 mths – 3 years who have experienced family violence.

Starts: 12th February, 2020
Location: Frankston - TBA upon registration

Fun Buddies is  a group for mother’s/ carers with toddlers aged 18 months – 3 years who have experienced family violence.  

Family violence disrupts the attachment between parent and child - Fun Buddies aims to build attachment through child led play by offering:

  •  A structured safe environment for parents and toddlers to have fun together and enjoy each other
  • The promotion of developmentally appropriate play through sensory exploration of music, movement and art
  • Facilitators support of the parent to attune to their child and be child led in the activities
  • To promote trust and predictability through having the same weekly group routine
  • For child and parent to play and create artwork representative of their interactions to take home
  • For children to learn that activities have a start and finish leading to structure and boundaries
  • For parents to increase their knowledge of age appropriate activities
  • To meet the social needs of parents and children to connect

Fun Buddies Flyer

Fun Buddies Registration Form