Murray Jackson's Story

Having suffered from recurring homelessness for about 5 years, I was finally introduced to Mentis Assist’s homeless team, where I found people who cared and were willing to help me make the changes I needed to find long-term accommodation.  

Having been diagnosed with schizophrenia and suffering from mental illness for 30 years, I began searching for answers through my Christian background and while I am now on my road to recovery, I still have a way to go.

Before becoming unwell I was an active person in the community, enjoying sports and had a keen mind for business.  My self-esteem and confidence then hit a real low and any attempts to raise my self-worth deteriorated further on the streets.  

The Mentis Assist team introduced me to a group of people, which helped with social interaction and allowed me to start making new friends. A stigma comes with being homeless which is created not only by others, but by yourself; my Mentis Assist worker Barb, helped me to see things more clearly.

When living on the streets, you’re prone to danger and it is hard to cope with living within four walls and when you try, you get knocked back down.  Mentis Assist helped me link in with services such as Centrelink, lawyers, utilities, accommodation, budgeting and day to day living needs.   I am also now attending drug and alcohol programs and the Hearing Voices group.

My Mentis Assist worker Barb, has helped improve my self-esteem and confidence and provided me with the tools to overcome adversity and most importantly link back with my family who I had no contact with for 10 years.