A day out with Lionel Lauch & Peninsula Hot Springs

Mentis Assist's community partner, Peninsula Hot Springs recently hosted a relaxing bush tucker walk and didgeridoo meditation session followed by hot springs bathing. This day out is just one of the programs Peninsula Hot Springs and Mentis Assist are looking at working on together to support Mentis Assist clients and promote better mental health on the Mornington Peninsula. Read more about the excursion from Andrea Hutchinson, our Partners in Recovery Support Facilitator.

On Saturday 10th June, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to join a group of 20 people for the bush tucker walk and didgeridoo meditation organised through Peninsula Hot Springs.

Lionel our guide was a fascinating speaker with a vast knowledge of the edible plants and natural medicines that grow on the Peninsula. I had no idea that so many local plants which I had considered to be weeds can be used in salads and are a good source of nutrition. I was hugely impressed by the knowledge and indigenous heritage that Lionel shared with the group and his strong connection with the land.

The walk took us to a beautiful section of Rye Back Beach that I’ve never visited before. The scenery was spectacular and provided a wonderful backdrop for the didgeridoo meditation. I loved every aspect of the morning and enjoyed the company of a lovely bunch of people.

Following the walk we then visited Peninsula Hot Springs for a relaxing bathe.  What a perfect way to start my weekend!

Find out more about Mentis Assist's partnership with Peninsula Hot Springs here