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Mentis Assist provides opportunities for people and their families living with mental illness to enjoy a meaningful life by strengthening self-identity, personal responsibility and hope.

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  • NDIS Terminology Explained

    The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIS) can be difficult to fully understand for many. To help you make sense of the NDIS, we have put together some of the terminology you may come across while talking to the NDIS or a Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

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  • Understanding the effects of Bipolar Disorder

    Bipolar is a mood disorder that causes extreme mood swings that range from emotional highs, called mania or hypomania, to emotional lows, or depression.

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  • Sleep and Mental Health

    ​Sleep has a strong influence on the way we perform everyday tasks both physically and mentally, but most of us don’t really know if we are really sleeping well. In fact, we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping.

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